O que é Tese de Doutorado

The doctoral thesis and monografias prontas is considered the most representative and consistent type of scientific work monograph. This is the approach of a single theme, which requires research of the scientific area in which it is situational, with the specific methodological instruments.
This research can be theoretical, field, documentary, experimental, historical or philosophical, but always dealing with a unique, specific, delimited and restricted theme.
A doctorate’s thesis is more likely than other scientific papers to put and solve a problem by demonstrating hypotheses formulated in the evidence of the facts and in the coherence of logical reasoning.
In addition, the doctoral thesis is required to contribute sufficiently original to the research topic. It should represent progress for the scientific area in which it is located. It should make science grow. Whatever the applied research techniques, the thesis aims to demonstrate arguing and bring a new contribution relative to the topic addressed.
In the elaboration of a thesis, one should not pretend to speak of everything, of all the aspects involved by the problematic treated. The monographic character of the work is a significant guarantee of its quality and its contribution to the scientific development of the area. The important thing is to stick to the substance of the research, not getting lost in great historical retakes, in repetitions, in very broad contexts of monografias prontas. One can not speak of everything at the same time in the same thesis. To these aspects it can be mentioned, citing the competent sources, without having to reproduce them with each new work aiming at the same theme.
In order to reach the maximum academic degree in the country, the preparation of a thesis requires sufficient time, in-depth research, information gathering, an original essay, and capable of consistently presenting a viable solution to the chosen theme.
The making of a thesis is like the incorporation of a priesthood, so accurate should be its conclusions and notes in the sense of an efficient contribution to the contemporary scientific field. In this way, concentration, research, in-depth study, comparison, and technique are fundamental premises in the elaboration of a Tese de Doutorado e Dissertação de Mestrado.