If you’ve ever wondered what you’re going to do after college, you’ve probably heard, “specialize, keep the contacts, keep pulling the bag of your teachers …” and think you know what’s coming. But not! Believe. This is not a tips post and you have no idea what’s coming Monografias Prontas.

Entering the university brings you into a parallel universe, sedimented by ideological constructions that come from experiences that no other social group could provide you with. You can change your city, leave your parents’ home, pretend you are independent, and even rebuild your personality.

You will never feel so free, you will never be so willing to anything, nor will you have so many friends. The parties are endless, as are the trials, the works and the discussions. If you work you will have to face the tiredness, the sleep, the rush Dissertação de Mestrado.

The intellectual and emotional pressure is huge, but it does not matter, because all the sacrifice is shared with those who are in the same boat as you. The dreaded CBT arrives, you suffer, problematize, fills, and when it finally ends, breathe relieved, after all, it was only what was missing to finally achieve your so dreamed diploma.

The problem is that after putting your hand in the blessed velvet straw, you discover that it was just a piece of paper with your name, and that nothing else will be as before. It will be worse. He ran, ran, and when he reached the corner he did not know which way to turn and could not turn back Tese de Doutorado.

Suddenly realizes that he will have to return home to his parents, his friends will one on each side, his routine is simply over and in place endless days are empty and that was not what you expected.

You hoped to move to that wonderful city, where you would get that challenging dream job and show your full potential. You hoped to make new friends, who would love your old friends when they all met in the summer, on that trip that you would pay with your fabulous salary. You hoped to choose between master’s and specialization, because of course you would pass on whatever you chose and could afford any of them, maybe even abroad! Monografias Prontas

But a few months passed and nothing happened. You start to change your plans, but nothing still happens, until all that’s left for your unoccupied and frustrated mind is to make more plans. The prospects so promising before now seem hopeless.

It is not his fault, not his lack of experience or the crisis. The guilt of his frustrated anxiety is his pathetic illusion fueled by the false belief that after college everything would be easy, simply because getting out of it was difficult. It’s his fault for insisting that life can follow a script and that every sum will have the expected result, but guess what? Wont have! Dissertação de Mestrado

But then, what do you do when you finish college? I really have no idea! And unless you were born with a soul framed for dollars or a rare intelligence, you will not have it too soon. All we have to do is believe that one of those many plans you’ve made will work, and accept that the disappointments will be constant, but realize that what matters is our ability to move on and find ourselves on a messy calendar Tese de Doutorado.