What do I do now that I have graduated? Should I start a Postgraduate Degree?

When we finish college, comes the question: And now, what’s the next step? This doubt is very common in this period, after all you have finished a very important step. But we know that this journey does not end here, we need to be prepared to follow life in the job market and fulfill our dreams Monografias Prontas.

The decision of the next steps depends very much on your desires of career and professional experience. There are many possibilities for you to devote this time that you have gained by the end of College. Studying and staying current will always be important, what you need to decide now is what to prioritize.

If during college you did not have (or had very little) professional experience, it would be interesting to devote more time to the job market, because in addition to technical knowledge, it is important that you live the practice. Know how it works day by day, how to have a boss, work with goals, be charged for results, and know what activities and projects you identify more. This will help you decide where you are most interested in, where you want to specialize, and what the needs of your industry are Dissertação de Mestrado.

Also worth the question: How is my English? An advanced and fluent level is very important, but you have to be sure of this level with tests that are known and validated in the market. It is no use thinking that he speaks and writes well, but when he has to put it into practice he gives that white. For most graduates most positions already ask for a good level of English. You can invest your time in a course or even, perhaps, not go to an exchange that will provide beyond the best command of the language, meet new people, other realities and cultures. This experience is always welcome! Tese de Doutorado

If you’re already in the job market, your English is well-planned and you already know which area you want to specialize in, it’s time to get a graduate. For this there is a range of options:

– Take a degree extension course to learn more about a specific area. Example: If you attended administration, and are interested in the marketing area, you can take a specific course and know more about the area Monografias Prontas.

– You can also do a graduate, but for this, it is important to know that there are two different lines: a stricto and a lato sensu. In the stricto sensu courses you will participate in a longer training, as it aims to produce knowledge through conducting research and is generally the choice of those who want to pursue an academic career. The latus sensu courses (specialization and MBA) prepare professionals who want to pursue a more general career Dissertação de Mestrado.

Career and financial planning is key: What do I want to be? When? How do I prepare for this? Always want what’s best for you! There are specialized professionals who help guide your career, do a self-knowledge job, and help you understand your desires, so you can do excellent planning. A fundamental tip: always revisit this plan, because route changes happen (either by necessity or by choice) and at the moment, it is fundamental to integrate them into your planning Tese de Doutorado.