What do I do now that I have graduated? Should I start a Postgraduate Degree?

When we finish college, comes the question: And now, what’s the next step? This doubt is very common in this period, after all you have finished a very important step. But we know that this journey does not end here, we need to be prepared to follow life in the job market and fulfill our dreams Monografias Prontas.

The decision of the next steps depends very much on your desires of career and professional experience. There are many possibilities for you to devote this time that you have gained by the end of College. Studying and staying current will always be important, what you need to decide now is what to prioritize.

If during college you did not have (or had very little) professional experience, it would be interesting to devote more time to the job market, because in addition to technical knowledge, it is important that you live the practice. Know how it works day by day, how to have a boss, work with goals, be charged for results, and know what activities and projects you identify more. This will help you decide where you are most interested in, where you want to specialize, and what the needs of your industry are Dissertação de Mestrado.

Also worth the question: How is my English? An advanced and fluent level is very important, but you have to be sure of this level with tests that are known and validated in the market. It is no use thinking that he speaks and writes well, but when he has to put it into practice he gives that white. For most graduates most positions already ask for a good level of English. You can invest your time in a course or even, perhaps, not go to an exchange that will provide beyond the best command of the language, meet new people, other realities and cultures. This experience is always welcome! Tese de Doutorado

If you’re already in the job market, your English is well-planned and you already know which area you want to specialize in, it’s time to get a graduate. For this there is a range of options:

– Take a degree extension course to learn more about a specific area. Example: If you attended administration, and are interested in the marketing area, you can take a specific course and know more about the area Monografias Prontas.

– You can also do a graduate, but for this, it is important to know that there are two different lines: a stricto and a lato sensu. In the stricto sensu courses you will participate in a longer training, as it aims to produce knowledge through conducting research and is generally the choice of those who want to pursue an academic career. The latus sensu courses (specialization and MBA) prepare professionals who want to pursue a more general career Dissertação de Mestrado.

Career and financial planning is key: What do I want to be? When? How do I prepare for this? Always want what’s best for you! There are specialized professionals who help guide your career, do a self-knowledge job, and help you understand your desires, so you can do excellent planning. A fundamental tip: always revisit this plan, because route changes happen (either by necessity or by choice) and at the moment, it is fundamental to integrate them into your planning Tese de Doutorado.

What to do after finishing college?

What to do after finishing college? Ending college also means deciding where to go (an easy task, by the way). That’s when the question arises: what do you do after you graduate? Monografias Prontas

Many experts say that the job market is not for fun and that therefore it is best not to waste time and do a postgraduate or MBA soon. If they talked about waiting a year or two to devote themselves again to their studies, according to them, the business now is to think about what specialization to do a year before finishing college Dissertação de Mestrado. If you already have in mind what you want to pursue in your career, this will not be a big problem. But what if you do not have a clue?

Hence, you can not take your eye off the so-called ‘macro variables’, which are more general factors that can influence your decision. For those who are not sure what direction to take to working life, the most appropriate option is to opt for a more general curriculum course that helps to understand the dynamics of companies and the market Tese de Doutorado. Another important macro variable is the region where you live and work. If you intend to move inland, for example, you will need to review your options: the Agrobusiness course has different values ​​in Mato Grosso and São Paulo.

It may also be that you do not yet have the personal and professional maturity to choose your expertise. So, it is better to wait a little, so you can enjoy the course better. In the meantime, you can devote yourself to a short course specific to your area of ​​expertise Monografias Prontas. For example, if you have completed an Administration degree, you can study Finance or Business Assessment. Certainly, they will be specialties that will count points on your resume.
Another alternative is to focus on the intensive study of languages. We are already tired of hearing how important it is to know a second and even a third language. So why not take advantage of this, say, ‘idle’ time to learn a new language? This is a relatively low investment option that can add a lot to your professional profile Dissertação de Mestrado.

And, last tip: regardless of whether or not attending a post or MBA, it is important to never fail to be up to date on your area of ​​expertise macro. Read websites, magazines, and books that address topics relevant to your degree. A knowledgeable professional is always one step ahead of those who are not interested in the job market Tese de Doutorado.


If you’ve ever wondered what you’re going to do after college, you’ve probably heard, “specialize, keep the contacts, keep pulling the bag of your teachers …” and think you know what’s coming. But not! Believe. This is not a tips post and you have no idea what’s coming Monografias Prontas.

Entering the university brings you into a parallel universe, sedimented by ideological constructions that come from experiences that no other social group could provide you with. You can change your city, leave your parents’ home, pretend you are independent, and even rebuild your personality.

You will never feel so free, you will never be so willing to anything, nor will you have so many friends. The parties are endless, as are the trials, the works and the discussions. If you work you will have to face the tiredness, the sleep, the rush Dissertação de Mestrado.

The intellectual and emotional pressure is huge, but it does not matter, because all the sacrifice is shared with those who are in the same boat as you. The dreaded CBT arrives, you suffer, problematize, fills, and when it finally ends, breathe relieved, after all, it was only what was missing to finally achieve your so dreamed diploma.

The problem is that after putting your hand in the blessed velvet straw, you discover that it was just a piece of paper with your name, and that nothing else will be as before. It will be worse. He ran, ran, and when he reached the corner he did not know which way to turn and could not turn back Tese de Doutorado.

Suddenly realizes that he will have to return home to his parents, his friends will one on each side, his routine is simply over and in place endless days are empty and that was not what you expected.

You hoped to move to that wonderful city, where you would get that challenging dream job and show your full potential. You hoped to make new friends, who would love your old friends when they all met in the summer, on that trip that you would pay with your fabulous salary. You hoped to choose between master’s and specialization, because of course you would pass on whatever you chose and could afford any of them, maybe even abroad! Monografias Prontas

But a few months passed and nothing happened. You start to change your plans, but nothing still happens, until all that’s left for your unoccupied and frustrated mind is to make more plans. The prospects so promising before now seem hopeless.

It is not his fault, not his lack of experience or the crisis. The guilt of his frustrated anxiety is his pathetic illusion fueled by the false belief that after college everything would be easy, simply because getting out of it was difficult. It’s his fault for insisting that life can follow a script and that every sum will have the expected result, but guess what? Wont have! Dissertação de Mestrado

But then, what do you do when you finish college? I really have no idea! And unless you were born with a soul framed for dollars or a rare intelligence, you will not have it too soon. All we have to do is believe that one of those many plans you’ve made will work, and accept that the disappointments will be constant, but realize that what matters is our ability to move on and find ourselves on a messy calendar Tese de Doutorado.

The life of American students

Graduated from two of the best American universities, Carolyn Chimeri imagined she would have a more comfortable life than her parents, who never went to college.

After completing higher education, however, she accumulated a debt of US $ 238 thousand (R $ 754 thousand) and is now scarce to pay the benefits with a teacher’s salary at the age of 29.

“My husband and I fight all the time for money, thinking about how to survive, pay bills and live like ordinary people in New York,” she told the BBC.

Debts such as Chimeri’s six-digit numbers are not uncommon in the United States, where there are few free universities and about 70 percent of students borrow to pay for higher education, according to the US government.

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Official figures indicate that student debt in the country reached US $ 1.3 trillion this year – equivalent to 70% of Brazil’s GDP in 2015. This amount, according to the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank, is due for 43.3 million of people.

In Brazil, the offer of student credit is much smaller and reduced during the crisis: the largest federal student financing program, Fies, offered 222 thousand lines of credit this year, which cover less than 10% of total annual enrollments in universities.

Chimeri became indebted for the first time to majoring in history and political science at Penn State, a public university in Pennsylvania. In the US, even public universities are usually paid, with some costing up to $ 40,000 a year (in private universities, the value could reach $ 70,000, or $ 223,000).

After graduating, she took another loan for a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York, believing that her diploma would guarantee her better jobs and the chance to pay off more quickly.

She says her parents had volunteered to pay the first loan, but the global economic crisis complicated the family and made it take over.

Chimeri was hired as a teacher at a public school in New York but, even paying installments every month, says the debt has only slightly declined because of interest at 8 percent a year.

To cut expenses, she moved with her husband to his grandmother’s house and, at best, expects to clear the debts by 2030.

“I can not buy a house or start a family – I feel like I’m in my mid-20s,” he laments.

Anxiety and depression
The Student Debt Crisis NGO, which is trying to reform the student loan system in the US, has compiled several testimonials from former students with six-figure debts.

A newly formed, unemployed California attorney with $ 400,000 in debt is “anxious and depressed” at the prospect of never being able to take it down.

A former Montana student says that because of interest, the $ 30,000 loan she took to complete college in 1993 today reaches $ 300,000, though she has never stopped paying installments.

Director of Student Debt Crisis, Natalia Abrams tells BBC Brazil that some people with large debts are owed for the rest of their lives. According to her, 20% of Americans over 50 have student debts.

But she says that the most vulnerable are not necessarily the ones who owe more, and that one of the groups most affected are debtors who can not complete college. Many leave the course to work and meet some more urgent demand, such as the costs of a medical treatment or a newborn child.

Without a university degree, they are unable to claim higher salaries and fail to repay the debt, and are prevented from taking out other loans.

Abrams says that students at top US universities – such as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale – do not usually have very large debts, as these institutions are frequented by members of the American elite (able to afford them without loans) and scholarships poorer.

The most indebted, she says, are studying in for-profit universities. These institutions are minority in the US, but have been multiplying and often have lower ratings than public or non-profit universities.

For Abrams, the federal government – responsible for most student credit in the US – should not charge interest on these loans. Today the interest, defined by the American Congress, varies between 3.76% and 6.31% per year.

In Brazil, Fies interest is 6.5% per year. The Brazilian program is only offered to families with income of up to two minimum and one-half salaries (R $ 2,200).

Abrams also advocates expanding debt forgiveness programs and allowing all Americans to take their first two years of college for free at public universities.

The proposal was part of the plan of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and was partially incorporated by Hillary Clinton. It restricted free college tuition to students with a family income of up to $ 125,000 per year.

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Manageable debts
The American student finance system has its advocates. In a study for the Brookings Institution, a research center in Washington, University of Michigan economics professor Susan Dynarski says student debt has grown in the US because it is increasing the number of students at universities in the country.

It states that most debts are manageable and that many owe less than $ 10,000.

For Dynarski, student credit corrects a financial market failure, as private banks would not grant loans secured only by the debtor’s future salaries.

She says, however, that the current rules are harsh with new graduates, forced to take high plots as soon as they leave college and when their wages are still low. According to the professor, 28% of debtors under 21 years of age fail to pay some installments.

Dynarski advocates that the US adopt a similar model to the UK, where payments are set according to the payor’s pay and unpaid debts in 30 years are forgiven.

For Carolyn Chimeri, the teacher who owes $ 754,000, students must be better educated before borrowing that will affect much of their lives.

She says that if she knew the impact the debt would have on her day-to-day life, she would probably have gone to cheaper universities.

“It is painful to think about how my generation could be contributing to society were it not for this huge burden,” he says.

Essential points for a doctoral thesis

1. Specifically describe the problem being addressed and its relevance (often the problem takes the form of a dichotomy, which requires a compromise solution);
2. List the main hypotheses of the Monografias Prontas, for example: “The dynamic configuration of the system will allow the user to do X and Y, “and to justify the relevance / realism of the hypotheses by citing other papers and / or expert testimony;
3. Formalize, or at least precisely define, the main fundamental concepts concerning the subject being treated; If possible, use definitions / formalizations used in other works.
4. Describe precisely the system model (i.e. the assumptions about the infrastructure necessary), and justify the abstractions adopted in the model;
5. Show how the proposed solution solves the problem of item 1, and argue why it is superior to others found in the literature;
6. Describe in detail the parts implemented in the prototype, and justify not implementation of the other parts (obs: lack of time is a weak argument); Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado
7. Explain which aspects of the solution have been evaluated; For example: usability, flexibility, reuse, performance, scalability, dependability, etc.
8. Describe and justify the method of evaluation, and argue that the tests performed in the prototype in fact evaluate the aspects of the solution described in item 7;
9. Describe, in detail, the parameters and configurations of each experiment, and justify the chosen values;
10. If possible (and this is often difficult) compare your solution directly with the related work, noting that the test parameters should be the same, otherwise the comparison is not valid;
11. Present (with scientific rigor) the results of the evaluation and explain why they prove, or at least indicate, that the benefits X and Y are obtained by the solution;
12. Identify clearly the scientific and / or technological contributions and explain they represent an advance in the state of the art Monografias Prontas;
13. Show the limitations of the solution itself (what has not been resolved, and why) and discuss as future work should be addressing these issues.

O que é Tese de Doutorado

The doctoral thesis and monografias prontas is considered the most representative and consistent type of scientific work monograph. This is the approach of a single theme, which requires research of the scientific area in which it is situational, with the specific methodological instruments.
This research can be theoretical, field, documentary, experimental, historical or philosophical, but always dealing with a unique, specific, delimited and restricted theme.
A doctorate’s thesis is more likely than other scientific papers to put and solve a problem by demonstrating hypotheses formulated in the evidence of the facts and in the coherence of logical reasoning.
In addition, the doctoral thesis is required to contribute sufficiently original to the research topic. It should represent progress for the scientific area in which it is located. It should make science grow. Whatever the applied research techniques, the thesis aims to demonstrate arguing and bring a new contribution relative to the topic addressed.
In the elaboration of a thesis, one should not pretend to speak of everything, of all the aspects involved by the problematic treated. The monographic character of the work is a significant guarantee of its quality and its contribution to the scientific development of the area. The important thing is to stick to the substance of the research, not getting lost in great historical retakes, in repetitions, in very broad contexts of monografias prontas. One can not speak of everything at the same time in the same thesis. To these aspects it can be mentioned, citing the competent sources, without having to reproduce them with each new work aiming at the same theme.
In order to reach the maximum academic degree in the country, the preparation of a thesis requires sufficient time, in-depth research, information gathering, an original essay, and capable of consistently presenting a viable solution to the chosen theme.
The making of a thesis is like the incorporation of a priesthood, so accurate should be its conclusions and notes in the sense of an efficient contribution to the contemporary scientific field. In this way, concentration, research, in-depth study, comparison, and technique are fundamental premises in the elaboration of a Tese de Doutorado e Dissertação de Mestrado.

Padrões de Desenvolvimento de Tese

Padrões de desenvolvimento nos ajudam a organizar informações e moldar parágrafos ou ensaios de monografias prontas. Eles podem ajudar a organizar um esboço ou, dependendo do objetivo, determinar a forma que o papel assumirá. Lembre-se de que a maioria dos trabalhos usará uma combinação de métodos, trabalhando juntos em função uns dos outros.

Dado o tópico “questões ambientais”, estes são alguns exemplos de como os métodos podem ajudar a limitar o tópico, desenvolver uma declaração de tese e escrever um esboço.

1. Narração significa contar uma história: A história do Canal do Amor
Uma narração lida com pessoas, lugares, eventos, datas, etc.
2. Descrição significa dizer como é algo.
Descreva o dano causado pela poluição a um rio, lago, floresta, etc. Uma boa descrição girará em torno de uma “impressão dominante”.
3. Ilustração com exemplos significa que uma generalização é suportada por instâncias específicas.
As indústrias de alimentos não incentivam os consumidores a produzir menos lixo.
4. Definição significa explicar o que é algo.
Definir “camada de ozono” Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado
5. Comparação significa identificar as maneiras pelas quais dois itens “diferentes” são semelhantes. Contraste significa identificar as maneiras pelas quais dois itens “semelhantes” são diferentes. Isso significa que não há propósito em comparar ou contrastar dois itens que não compartilham algumas características comuns (maçãs e livros).
Compare as vantagens ambientais dos sacos de papel em oposição aos sacos de plástico
6. Classificação significa ordenar itens para agrupar aqueles com características similares e distingui-los daqueles com características diferentes.
Fornecer exemplos de como podemos reduzir o desperdício reduzindo, reutilizando, reciclando.
7. Análise causal significa encontrar as razões que produziram um determinado resultado ou identificar os resultados produzidos por um determinado fenômeno.
Efeitos da chuva ácida na vegetação
8. Argumentação significa fornecer razões e provas suficientes para convencer o leitor de que uma determinada opinião é válida.
As indústrias não recebem incentivos suficientes para reduzir o desperdício.
9. Análise de processo significa explicar como fazer alguma coisa.
Como iniciar uma pilha de compostagem.

Combinando diferentes métodos: “Identificando o plástico como fonte de poluição”

Como o plástico foi desenvolvido (narração / processo)
Definição / descrição de plástico
Diferentes tipos de plástico (classificação / ilustração)
Consequências do uso de plástico (efeitos)
Soluções alternativas oferecidas (argumentação / comparação)

Mais exemplos de monografias prontas:
Declarações de tese
Tópico: food
1. Narração: Assar e compartilhar biscoitos de Natal é a minha tradição favorita de férias.
2. Descrição: A mesa do jantar de Ação de Graças da minha avó é coberta com deliciosos, cheirosos e coloridos pratos festivos.
3. Exemplificação: Como eles não podem preparar facilmente sua própria comida, muitos estudantes universitários que moram nos dormitórios estão em uma dieta de fast food, junk food ou lanches.
4. Definição: Uma pizza é um pão achatado, que pode ser coberto com molho de tomate, queijos e uma variedade de coberturas.
5. Comparação: comida italiana real, o tipo que é comido na Itália, é muito diferente da comida italiana americana.
6. Classificação: Embora tradicionalmente pizza é um prato italiano, pizza grega, pizza mexicana e havaiana estão se tornando cada vez mais populares.
7. Causa e efeito: A comida italiana na Itália é muito diferente da comida italiana americana devido às variações regionais e à disponibilidade de ingredientes.
8. Processo: Assar pão é um processo que consiste em três etapas principais: amassar, moldar e assar.

O que é Monografia

Uma monografia, às vezes chamada de um tratado acadêmico, é um ensaio ou livro extremamente detalhado que cobre um assunto muito específico ou limitado. Ele é projetado para ficar sozinho na maioria dos casos, embora alguns sejam produzidos com um número finito de volumes. A publicação apresenta novas informações que avançam a carreira e o campo do autor, e geralmente segue um padrão previsível em termos do conteúdo abordado. Normalmente, apenas um autor está envolvido, mas um escritor pode colaborar, se necessário. Revisão, defesa e apresentação geralmente fazem parte do processo de publicação de monografias prontas, e o próprio documento geralmente é breve.

O objetivo principal de uma monografia é apresentar informações e pesquisas acadêmicas sobre um tópico muito específico. Os dados incluídos sempre pretendem educar os outros de alguma forma e, idealmente, também deve promover o campo do autor como base para futuras pesquisas. Isso significa que os indivíduos que escrevem esses documentos sempre precisam ter certeza de que não estão conduzindo pesquisas e escrevendo sobre tópicos abordados anteriormente sem contribuir com algo novo.

Dados os principais tratados acadêmicos, os profissionais normalmente os produzem como um meio de mostrar sua expertise e ganhar credibilidade e, como resultado, avançar para novos cargos mais elevados. Muitos campos exigem a publicação desses textos antes que um autor possa obter um diploma ou um trabalho específico. Em geral, quanto mais um autor publica, mais respeitado ele se torna, embora em alguns casos, um único ensaio ou livro possa ser tão influente que o autor seja sempre conhecido por esse trabalho, independentemente de publicações adicionais.

Conteúdo Chave
As monografias geralmente compartilham os mesmos elementos básicos, independentemente dos tópicos abordados. Eles geralmente identificam um propósito para a pesquisa e a principal questão que o autor estava tentando responder, bem como o que o autor esperava que os resultados de sua pesquisa fossem. Esses documentos descrevem os resultados e discutem as implicações e aplicações que o trabalho tem. O último elemento é fontes e referências.

Embora a maioria dos tratados acadêmicos inclua esses elementos, o autor pode ser solicitado a apresentá-los de uma maneira um pouco diferente, dependendo de seu campo, ou ele pode ter que adicionar ou omitir seções. As pessoas em artes liberais e humanidades geralmente formatam o documento usando o formato Modern Language Association (MLA), por exemplo, enquanto as das ciências sociais, geralmente usam o formato da American Psychological Association (APA).

Apenas um autor está por trás de um tratado acadêmico a maior parte do tempo, embora dois acadêmicos possam colaborar se estiverem realizando pesquisas juntos. Nos casos em que mais de uma pessoa escreve o trabalho, o autor cujo nome aparece em primeiro lugar geralmente é considerado o principal autor ou líder da pesquisa. Quanto mais complexo for um estudo de pesquisa, ou quanto mais tempo demorar, mais provável será que o ensaio ou livro seja mais longo e use vários autores. A colaboração empresta conhecimentos e ideias adicionais a um projeto, mas pode tornar a escrita do trabalho mais desafiadora logisticamente e pode resultar em conflitos se os autores discordarem sobre o que está sendo dito.

Comprimento e Tempo de Construção
As monografias curtas são semelhantes aos longos ensaios, embora sejam geralmente mais longos que os artigos porque precisam ser detalhados. Longas publicações são o comprimento dos livros. Um autor pode levar várias semanas ou meses para escrever um curto, mas uma versão longa pode levar um ano ou mais para ser escrita. Quando esses trabalhos mais longos também exigem um extenso período de pesquisa, o comprometimento com o tópico deve ser sólido.

Revisão, Defesa e Apresentação
Praticamente todos os trabalhos acadêmicos passam por um período de revisão de monografias prontas. Os pares do campo do autor examinam o trabalho em busca de problemas como falhas metodológicas e erros estruturais básicos. O autor pode precisar revisar extensivamente com base nos achados da revisão, o que às vezes significa fazer pesquisas adicionais. Ele às vezes terá uma revisão final do artigo na forma de uma defesa, particularmente quando o texto se refere à aquisição de um diploma. O autor apresentará a versão final em conferências ou outros eventos relevantes para o seu campo.

Os autores geralmente recebem uma publicação de uma só execução para tratados acadêmicos. Muito raramente, um será de interesse para uma comunidade maior, merecendo uma impressão um pouco maior para atender à demanda. Como as tiragens são muito pequenas, dentro de vários anos de publicação, pode ser difícil obter uma cópia.

Quando uma dessas obras assume a forma de um ensaio, ela é tipicamente publicada em um periódico acadêmico. As universidades ou pequenas prensas geralmente lidam com as versões do livro, mas o aumento dos custos de publicação pode tornar impraticável publicar livros com cópias limitadas e interesses em potencial. Há um debate em andamento sobre o futuro da monografia, embora um número crescente de tecnologias seja visto por muitos estudiosos como uma solução potencial. Publicar um tratado na Internet pode torná-lo mais amplamente disponível, e publicações ectrônicas são frequentemente muito menos caras de produzir do que as impressas. Alguns indivíduos questionam a legitimidade de tais publicações, temendo que possam estar sujeitas a revisão e avaliação menos rigorosas, mas o valor desses canais aumentou nos últimos anos.Distribuição e localização Os monógrafos costumam ir às bibliotecas de pesquisa depois de publicados Dissertação de Mestrado e Tese de Doutorado. Eles também vão para departamentos acadêmicos de universidades e empresas intimamente relacionadas à pesquisa. Um trabalho sobre anatomia, por exemplo, pode ser útil tanto para um departamento de biologia quanto para um hospital. Com o aumento da publicação digital, um número crescente de publicações é disponibilizado on-line – geralmente de graça – para qualquer pessoa interessada.